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Since 2013, AudiencePoint, parent company of ListFit, has been helping marketers build better email programs through data-driven solutions.

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"ListFit gives us a picture of our list we've never seen before. It helped improve our re-engagement campaign in less than a month!"


The ListFit frequency score shows how often to send to each subscriber for peak engagement before burnout.

Send Time

ListFit knows when subscribers are most active and will tell you the ideal day and time to send to everyone on your list.


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ListFit is powered by the industry's most powerful email marketing dataset, containing over 500 million privacy-compliant email engagement profiles. 

That means we can show you how your subscribers interact with the email programs from hundreds of other brands and senders. 

You'll get instant insight to improve virtually any aspect of your program - from delivery improvement to re-engagement.

It's predictive analytics!

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How does ListFit know my subscribers?


ListFit scores each subscriber with an engagement metric to easily segment lists into hi, medium, and low engagement cohorts.


ListFit knows which industries or business categories your subscribers engage with most.


ListFit tracks activity, bounces, and the last time they opened or clicked. It's predictive deliverability.


Our data is trusted by the world's biggest senders and global brands. ListFit can tell you who to send to, when, and how often - instantly!

"An update on the project that we used ListFit for – we suppressed the dormant Gmail addresses and saw a dramatic improvement in our Inbox placement!  Our team is glad to have made an impact with your tool – so thank you!"

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See How ListFit helps brands make better sending decisions and easily identify their most active and engaged subscribers


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ListFit reveals how subscribers truly want to engage. Optimize sending time, frequency, and even fine-tune content and offers using the insights from ListFit.

Get Instant insights about your list to help create better list segments, content & offers, plus better send time decisions. Features included on every dashboard:

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Get a free dashboard of your list at-a-glance. We offer tiered pricing if you decide to download the data to your desktop.

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The marketer trying to improve delivery or sender reputation

ISPs closely monitor how subscribers interact with your email campaigns. And low engagement is a sure-fire way to get relegated to the promotions tab or worse. ListFit helps marketers find hidden cohorts of low and highly engaged subscribers, leading to more precise segmentation and better inboxing.

The marketer acquiring leads at point-of-sale

A customer signs up for an offer at the point of sale and enters an email address. ListFit determines if that address is real & active, plus returns an engagement score based on how often that subscriber interacts with marketing emails.

The retailer with an aging list is worried about losing engagement

A retailer wants to scrub their list for unengaged subscribers. ListFit scores each email address for activity level. Inactive emails can be quarantined until they show increased activity in the ListFit Global Data Pool.

The marketer using a contest to generate subscribers

Marketers using contests to grow lists can sign up a large volume of leads, but there is no way to evaluate how “good” a lead is. The ListFit engagement score is used to understand the quality of the address, making sending decisions easier.

The marketer trying to avoid spam traps for better delivery.

Spam trap seed emails can get added to a list fairly easily, threatening the sender’s reputation. ListFit scores and ranks each email addresses by their activity, automatically segmenting those addresses that could negatively effect deliverability.

The marketer trying to increase subscriber engagement

When trial and error campaign adjustments are slow to improve results, marketers turn to ListFit for insights and recommendations on when to send, how often, and to whom.

Let ListFit Help You Improve!

Upload a list and instantly see the best time to send, how often, and easily find your best (and worst) subscribers.

Works with any email service provider. Just upload a list and get instant insights.

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