How fit is your email list? 

High-performance email marketing needs a high-performing list.

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Predictive segmentation to supercharge list performance.

Next-Gen Validation

Don't just ping an inbox, validate addresses with actual engagement data.




Since 2009, AudiencePoint, parent company of ListFit, has been helping marketers build better email programs through data-driven solutions.

Are my new subscribers real, active addresses? 

Are they as engaged as they should be?

What type of content do they like best?

Get data-backed answers to critical questions about your customer list.

You already know how your subscribers interact with your brand.

ListFit will show you how they engage with everyone else.

Engagement Scoring

Smartly divide your list by tracking subscriber activity rate across 100s of senders.

Advanced Filtering

Fine-tune your segments with filters for industry, affinity, time-frame, geography and more.

ListFit Pricing

Pricing is tiered based on the number of email addresses tracked. Annual agreements, paid monthly.



per 100k subscribers/mo

Everything in Essential +
API access

Advanced filters
1 year data history
Premier support


Unlimited lists
90 day 
data history

per 100k subscribers/mo

How Does It Work? 
It's All About Our Data

ListFit is powered by AudiencePoint's proprietary, 2-billion+ pool of GDPR-compliant email engagement data from 100s of B2C brands..

That means we can compare how your subscribers interact with you vs. other brands or verticals.

ListFit plots your data against the key email marketing performance benchmarks, so you can track improvement over time.

Like a personal trainer for your email lists!

See how your subscribers engage with a broad set of other senders to uncover segments with the highest potential to improve.

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ListFit is predictive analytics & smart segmentation software.

Resurrect inactive subscribers, predict bounces, find ideal send times, clean new signups, and much more.